Conversations with Rich Bennett

Rage Talk - New Year and the New You

December 29, 2021 Rich Bennett / Wendy Messner / Mia Ellis / Rachel Bongiorno Season 2 Episode 7
Conversations with Rich Bennett
Rage Talk - New Year and the New You
Show Notes

Rage Against Addiction has partnered with Rich Bennett of Harford County Living to create podcasts to bring awareness to communities about the devastating effects of addiction and to also spread hope about the possibility of recovery. 

Rage Against Addiction is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting addicts and their families with the resources they need to find a path to recovery that will enable them to lead happy healthy lives. Its mission is to “provide awareness and support to anyone affected by drug and alcohol abuse, including the family. We understand that the disease of addiction is a family disease and that no family is immune.”

In this episode of Rage Talk, Wendy Messner, Mia Ellis, Rachel Bongiorno talk about the New Year and a new you, how recovery is a reinvention of self.


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