Conversations with Rich Bennett

Half Of The Lit Ladies With Claudine Marcin And D.A. Jennings

May 19, 2023 Rich Bennett / Claudine Marcin / D.A. Jennings / Debbie Jennings
Conversations with Rich Bennett
Half Of The Lit Ladies With Claudine Marcin And D.A. Jennings
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Show Notes

In this episode, we delve into the world of The Lit Ladies, a group of Maryland authors featuring D.A. Jennings, Irmgarde Brown, Claudine Marcin, and K.R. Raye. For this conversation, we're joined by two of these talented writers, D.A. Jennings, and Claudine Marcin.

D.A. Jennings, an accomplished author, poet, and creative writing teacher, wields a distinct literary style influenced by her diverse educational journey and three-decade-long experience with the Department of Army. Her latest acclaimed work, Mia, The Crooked Road, follows an impressive repertoire that includes award-winning titles like The Tapping Stick and Cheese? Yes, Please!. Her writing, acclaimed for its captivating and inspiring quality, spans a range of genres from children's books to poetry and sports biographies. As an esteemed member of the Harford Writers' Group and instructor at Harford Community College, Jennings continues to influence and inspire budding writers, cementing her place in the literary world.

Claudine Marcin, a Maryland-based author and poet, is celebrated for her four-part sci-fi mystery series, The Glory Box, influenced by acclaimed authors like Stephen King and Dean Koontz. As an active member of the Maryland Writers Association and the Harford County Writer's Group, she contributes to her local literary community. Apart from her passion for writing, Marcin is also a spirited football fan, an amateur photographer, an artist, and a dedicated pet owner, who delights in caring for her Boxer, Mila.

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