Conversations with Rich Bennett

What Are The Deep Dark Secrets With LaDonna Humphrey And Alecia Lockhart

May 12, 2023 Rich Bennett / LaDonna Humphrey / Alecia Lockhart
Conversations with Rich Bennett
What Are The Deep Dark Secrets With LaDonna Humphrey And Alecia Lockhart
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Show Notes

In this episode, Rich has a conversation with LaDonna Humphrey and Alecia Lockhart of the Deep Dark Secrets podcast.

Deep Dark Secrets is a groundbreaking podcast hosted by fearless advocates LaDonna Humphrey and Alecia Lockhart. Their mission is to expose the sinister world of Death Fetish Pornography and its hidden communities thriving on the internet's surface web. Join them on an extraordinary journey as they unravel twisted secrets, confront criminal networks operating in plain sight, and shed light on the chilling realities lurking in the shadows.

LaDonna Humphrey, an award-winning writer, podcaster, and investigative journalist, fearlessly delves into the depths of human experience. With a strong commitment to victims of crime and those in foster care, she brings her expertise to the Deep Dark Secrets Podcast, alongside her roles as the Executive Director of Oasis of Northwest Arkansas and co-founder of All the Lost Girls. Together with her husband Danny, they continue their crusade for justice from their Northwest Arkansas home.

Prepare to be captivated by Alecia Lockhart, a survivor, researcher, and advocate for women's safety. Alecia fearlessly ventures into the darkest corners of society, uncovering unsolved mysteries and shedding light on hidden truths. Her co-authorship of "Strangled" in the Who Killed Melissa Witt series showcases her dedication to uncovering the unknown. When she's not unraveling secrets, Alecia empowers others through spiritual coaching. With her loving family and a menagerie of creatures on the beautiful island of St. Croix, she invites you to join her on the Deep Dark Secrets Podcast for a journey that will captivate and enlighten you.

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