Conversations with Rich Bennett

He Only Plays A Doctor On TV

January 18, 2023 Rich Bennett / Jennifer Hathaway / Derek Pentz / Conor Perkins
Conversations with Rich Bennett
He Only Plays A Doctor On TV
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Show Notes

In this episode, Rich and cohosts Jennifer Hathaway and Derek Pentz have a conversation with Conor Perkins.

Conor is a New York-based actor, singer, director, educator, and podcaster from Bel Air, MD. After graduating from Bel Air High School in 2011, he went on to study theatre at New York University’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts and train with the Atlantic Acting School. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Drama in 2015 and since then has been working in film, TV, and theatre.

In the spring of 2020 Conor launched his own bi-weekly podcast with longtime friend and actor, Caroline Aimetti, entitled Poor Unfortunate Podcast - a comedic millennial take on all things Disney. Past acting credits include: Almost There (DirecTV) and The Jim Gaffigan Show (TVLand). Currently, he portrays Dr. Zach Hudgins on NBC’s hit medical drama Chicago Med.

Thank you to Conor Perkins for the conversation. Here are some links for Conor:

Conor Perkins - IMDb
Chicago Med -
Poor Unfortunate Podcast

Social Media:
Conor Perkins (@ConorPerkins) / Twitter
Conor Perkins (@conorperkins) • Instagram

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