Conversations with Rich Bennett

Winter Comes To Oyster Bay And The Cottage On Washington Street

September 14, 2022 Rich Bennett / Dani Pettrey / Denise Stout
Conversations with Rich Bennett
Winter Comes To Oyster Bay And The Cottage On Washington Street
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Show Notes

In this episode, Rich and cohost Dani Pettrey have a conversation with Denise Stout.

Denise Stout is a hopeless romantic who dreamed of writing when she didn’t have her nose buried in a book. She grew up in Northern Delaware, is a graduate of the University of Delaware, and holds a paralegal certificate. She worked in the banking industry before focusing on her writing and her family. 

Denise was first published with “Christmas Miracle on Oyster Bay” in the award-winning anthology Then Comes Winter. She primarily writes in the contemporary romance genre, plus she has written women’s fiction, historical fiction, as well as two full-length novels, and she has a stack of rejection letters to prove it.  

Denise has appeared in two national commercials, she was featured with lifestyle expert Katie Brown in Family Circle magazine, and she was quoted in VOX about books-to-film holiday movies. Denise was recently chosen by Brooke Shields as one of forty women in the 40 OVER 40 campaign for her Beginning is Now brand. Denise is a regular contributor to The WiC Project lifestyle blog creating content for a variety of products, food, subscription boxes, and movie reviews.

Denise works as an author assistant for several writers, volunteers, and reads when not writing. Denise lives

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