Conversations with Rich Bennett

Just Because They Walk On Four Legs Doesn't Mean They're Not Family

August 19, 2022 Rich Bennett / Dr. Shannon Skevakis / Kathy Forthman / Nicole Wilson
Conversations with Rich Bennett
Just Because They Walk On Four Legs Doesn't Mean They're Not Family
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Show Notes

In this episode, Rich has a conversation with Dr. Shannon Skevakis, Kathy Forthman, and Nicole Wilson.

Dr. Shannon Skevakis is a Veterinarian and Owner of Eternal Pawprints Veterinary Hospice. At Eternal Pawprints, Dr. Shannon strives to ensure that your pet's last moments are spent with as much comfort and compassion as possible.

Kathy Forthman is a Certified Fear Free Dog Trainer and Owner of Polite Pooches. Because it is more successful and better for your dog or puppy, positive, reward-based dog training is what Polite Pooches offer. A dog may be trained without resorting to physical force or fear. You and your dog will be able to communicate effectively without resorting to force thanks to the training methods that focus on the positive.

Nicole Wilson is the owner-operator of Your Pet AuPair. Your pet needs attention even while you're gone. Your Pet AuPair's goal is to customize pet care. This includes toilet breaks and drink refills. It also means exceeding expectations. Happy, we

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