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Harford County Living with Rich Bennett

Rich Bennett

How much do you know about Harford County, Maryland?Do you know where Harford County, Maryland is?Are you familiar with the businesses, charitable organizations, authors, musicians and others that have ties to Harford County, Maryland?Have you ever visited the haunted areas, battle sites or historical places in Harford County, Maryland?What type of fish or wild game have you caught or seen in Harford County, Maryland?Rich Bennett answers several of these questions and more as he talks to different guests from around the world that have ties to Harford County, Maryland. He also has roundtable discussions with different business owners, Musicians, Authors, Artists and others to discuss what they do and how you would find them interesting.People of the Harford County Health Department come on once a month to discuss different public health matters. Viruses, water safety, dental care and more are just a few things that are discussed.It's a guarantee that you'll learn something new from each episode and want to come back to learn more. Have a question or suggestion for the show? Email podcast@harfordcountyliving.com or call (443) 982-0250. Please subscribe and leave a review..RSS Feed - https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/849097.rss

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